Alexis Kennedy – Personal Finance Expert
January 20th 2023

Georgia Residents Celebrate Saving Thousands a Year in Health Insurance

People in Georgia are taking advantage of the special enrollment period of 2023 for the Affordable Cares Act (Obamacare).

This is a special insurance plan subsidized by the U.S. government.

Throughout the country, over 76 million people have received no-cost coverage for preventive health services since the Affordable Cares Act took effect.

That’s right, completely FREE health insurance. $0/month.

Olivia Williams from Monroe, GA, said:

“Never could I imagine in a million years saving $235/month with just a 12-minute call. I wish I did this sooner! This gave me so much peace of mind... A single visit to the doctor without health insurance? That could cost you up to $75,000. Thank God I no longer have to worry about that. Me, my husband, and our little daughter are finally protected and the best part is it costs us less than our car insurance."
Olivia Williams
Counter Worker

Don’t have health insurance? Have limited coverage? Do you pay way too much? Then this is for you.

Find out if you qualify with this short quiz: